2014 Spring Break on Panama City Beach is going to be crazy... so prepare yourself for the wildest party on the planet! The crew at Harpoon Harry's is preparing now for you and a few hundred thousand of your closest friends.

Harpoon Harry's has been a must see beach club redefining the Spring Break party for over 2 decades and is part of the Panamaniac Club Card Party Club Network. Don't get fooled into a "one club card", get the official party card of PC Beach for nearly a decade - if it's not the PANAMANIAC CLUB CARD it is nothing but a piece of plastic.

Harry's is the "College Bar on the Beach"... cause it's just like your favorite bar back home - if your favorite bar back home sat right on the beach!

DAYTIME, the massive beach is open for fun in the sun all day.

NIGHTTIME is when the sun goes down and the dance party heats up - America's favorite DJ "Smiley Jay" plays your favorite music to dance to till 4am every night!

right next door to BREAKERS & Hooters and across the street from BISHOPS BUFFET
12627 Front Beach Rd. | Panama City Beach, Florida | 850.234.6060